It’s the most award-eligibility time of the year

Looking back on my career this year surprised me. There are so many long lonely lulls in writing life that it’s easy to spend twelve months feeling like nothing is going on. But I’m deeply proud of the body of work I’ve had the good fortune to have published in 2017.

All of my work this year falls under the Short Fiction metric of any award’s umbrella; you can check out the My Stories page linked at the top of the site for a full list, but here I’ve linked what I consider the highlights. This is also my second year of eligibility for the Campbell Award, and I’d be very grateful for your consideration on that front, too.

Seb Dreams of Reincarnation” (Escape Pod): Hopepunk science fiction, about the importance and difficulty of belonging to something bigger than yourself.

The Cold Lonely Waters” (Shimmer): Mermaid astronauts want to know if they’re alone in the universe.

Elena’s Angel” (Apex): A young artist seeks escape from the heavy obligations and expectations of having a muse.

Thanks for your kind consideration, and check this space again in the new year for a list of my best and favorite reads of 2017!


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