MOAR STORY: “The Forty Gardens of Calliope Grey”

Beautiful narration by Dani Daly to bring my first-ever audio fiction to life: “The Forty Gardens of Calliope Grey” is up at Cast of Wonders!


This story idea originated from the Random Title Generator, with some loving modification; it is a little more upbeat than a lot of the melancholia I like to write (which is not to say it’s melancholy-free, of course. I am what I am) and it should be suitable for any young readers you have on hand–there’s one “hell” but otherwise free of swears. Please give it a listen if you get a chance, or follow the link for a text-only version if you can’t do audio fiction. I hope you enjoy it!

“Elena’s Angel” live at Apex


Look at that gorgeous cover! More free fiction for your delectation and delight! Well, maybe not so much delectation this time; this is one of the more personal stories I’ve written and I’d say definitely the most personal I’ve had published. It was one of the easiest stories I’ve ever written because of that, which also makes it one of the scariest to have published. Anyway: “Elena’s Angel”, up for free at Apex now. I hope you enjoy it and the rest of the wonderful issue!