2017 writing goals

Putting these down somewhere so that I have some sense of accountability. In 2016, I wrote 27 short stories, 1 novelette, and 2 poems, edited one novel, and wrote another. Now that the kids are in preschool two morning a week–something that really helped me churn out the words during this fall and winter–I’m hoping to do even more in the new year.

Word goal: 350k. An increase of about 16%. Tough, but do-able. Now that the kids are older a minimum of 500 words a day seems like a manageable minimum instead of my previous 250.

New story goal: 25 short stories/flash. For the first part of 2016, I wrote a short story a week, and I’d like to do that for the first few months of the new year too. The total goal this time around is a little less than last year, because I also want to close out 2017 with a …

Finished novella draft. Much ado about space opera! I have an outline, character descriptions, and scene synopses filled out in Scrivener. We’re doing this.

Edit Starstruck. New year = time to edit my 2016 NaNoWriMo draft with fresh eyes.

First draft of a new novel. Not sure yet what this will be; there are a few ideas on my radar but we’ll see which one sings the sweetest siren song.

And I think that’s it! Looks a little overwhelming to have it all written down in one place here, but I have high hopes. At least from this side of the New Year.

2016 award eligibility post

Coming soon – a post where I slobber over all the best SF&F that I read from this past year. But the much shorter list to write is my own award eligible work from 2016, when I made my first pro sale! Here are the big three that I had out this year.

  • Tomorrow’s World“, Daily Science Fiction – Les Miserables meets SFF.
  • Dear Ammi“, Baen.com – 2016’s Jim Baen Memorial Award Winner. Asteroid miners, raiders, and a future society that’s failed to deal with the same inequalities we deal with today.
  • To Touch the Sun Before It Fades“, Persistent Visions – A distant scientist waits for news of a family tragedy mid-mission.

And if you happen to be reading for the Rhysling Award, too, I had two poems out as well:

  • “The Dragon”, F&SF (September/October 2016)
  • “The Cut Worm Forgives the Plow”, Asimov’s (May/June 2016)