“Stop shaming Trump voters!”

 … No.
Because it IS shameful to look at a package deal that not only includes but centralizes a great big pile of white nationalism and say, “Yes, I’ll have that, please and thank you.”
Because it’s shameful to demand, over and over again, that liberals “understand” them. Where do you think a lot of us “big-city elites” grew up? Where do you think we came from, and why do you think we left? We understand very well because we’re the girls who grew up being told that we could be anything we wanted to be (as long as we were wives and mothers first and foremost), the LGBTQIA kids who got bullied and kicked out of homes, the Muslim kids who got called “Osama”, the black kids who had the N-word scratched into their lockers and painted on their driveways, the mentally ill who got told to just suck it up so the neighbors wouldn’t think we’re weird. We understand plenty. With a media that caters primarily to centralizing them and their importance in the national narrative, how could we not understand?
Because it’s shameful to say “it’s going to be okay” to people who your President-Elect has vowed to hurt. It’s going to be okay for YOU. Not for everyone. This isn’t the same as how you felt when Obama got elected eight years ago; his “coming for your guns” was your projection of his views. The people who are scared that it won’t be okay now are scared of the actual promises your candidate has made, the real “first 100 days” list he’s published.
Because it’s shameful to pretend that this is about their economic anxiety. Wisconsin has only 4.9% unemployment and look what happened here. Check the demographics on who voted for whom: the lowest income brackets, the hurting poor, did not vote for Trump. But the middle and upper classes did. And because it’s shameful to let people believe that the manufacturing jobs that have long since dried up are coming back. Automation and computerization aren’t going away. This isn’t about jobs and it’s ridiculous not to rip off that thin veneer of wrapping paper.
Because it’s shameful that the media is already churning out puff pieces on Melania Trump’s favorite designers and how relatable the Trump family really is. Because it’s shameful to normalize and humanize and rationalize this kind of hate, because we’ve seen before what happens next.
Because it’s shameful they’ve asked us to endure eight years of calling Obama a secret Muslim terrorist but now insist that we’re not respecting them enough unless we go along quietly and don’t object. Because it’s shameful that they suggest the same First Amendment that let them call him the N-word is now too lax if it lets us stand in the streets and demand that the government treat the least among us with justice.
Because it’s shameful to lower our voices now. We can’t change who our next President is, but if we keep our voices raised and our feet on the ground, we have a chance to mitigate some of the harm that’s coming.
And because it’s shameful that I’ve bought in to the last eight years of trying to play nice with a group of people who have refused to compromise and meet anywhere in the middle with an intelligent, compassionate President in the White House who extended olive branch after olive branch and who saw the national conversation dragged ever right-ward despite that. I’m done being quiet, I’m done being polite. I’m done not rocking the boat (and I’m ashamed that it took this for me to get there). If that disturbs you, then you know where the Unfollow and Unfriend buttons are.

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